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Vintage Edgar Berébi Designer Fan Earrings

Vintage Edgar Berébi Designer Fan Earrings

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Edgar Berebi vintage costume jewelry
The history of Edgar Berebi jewelry trademark began 1979 and ended in 2001. Produced in limited edition, these decorations are highly collectible.
Berebi graduated from the legendary private Pratt Institute of art, design and architecture.
After graduating, Berebi founded his jewelry company in 1979. Originally, he designed filigree design earrings and brooches, which he produced in limited series. Then, he designed home decor items and accessories of the highest quality. According to the designer, he found inspiration in the works of Faberge.
Noteworthy, all products by Berebi are handcrafted wearable pieces of art, performed by the master himself, from design to finishing.


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