Collection: Bee Bright: Handmade Collection

A collection to highlight mental health and the that although different for everyone have a common thread. Mental health is not a dirty word and neither is therapy, medications and professional help. We are here with you and this is a safe place!

Each piece is thrifted, many NWT. Every piece gets washed, then painted. Once painting is complete it cures for 24 hours and is then heat sealed and ironed. every piece is then washed again to ensure no damage occurs. They are then hand dried and then painted with sealant after which they're washed, dried and ironed again. The time taking process means nothing is rushed.

I paint every piece. There may be minor flaws. For example this one has a little pink on the back but it hasn't been sealed so it will wash out.

Wash in cold water, delicate cycle only and hang to dry. Do not tumble dry. Colors may fade over time and each piece is slightly different.